Bail is Rule!!! Criminal Advocates!

“Deprivation of liberty must be considered a punishment.  When the under-trail prisoners are detained in jail for an indefinite period, Article 21 of the Constitution is violated.”
– Supreme Court of India.

We work at Major High Courts of India, District Courts of all Major cities, Sessions Courts and Lower Courts of India.

  • FIR
  • Summons
  • Warrant
  • Arrest and Remand
  • Bail Matters
  • Anticipatory Bail Matters
  • Trail Before Magistrate’s Court and Sessions Court (every state)
  • Criminal Revision and Criminal Appeals in Sessions Court
  • Criminal appeal, Civil appeal High Courts of India
  • Criminal Writ Petition in High Court
  • Constitutional Law and Detention Cases
  • Search & Seizure
  • General Diary
  • Police investigation
  • Inquiry & investigation
  • Customs and Central Excise Cases
  • NDPS Cases
  • MCOCA Cases
  • Anti- Corruption Cases
  • Economic Offences Cases
  • Offences relating to Body Assault
  • Cheating and Fraud Cases
  • Cheque Bouncing Cases
  • Domestic Violence Cases
  • Dowry Harassment Cases
  • Cyber Crime Case

Speedy Trial is Right!!!
“Every person, detained or arrested, is entitled to speedy trial”
– Supreme Court of India.


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